Thursday, August 11, 2016

71st (Fraser's) Highlanders

The 71st (Fraser's) Highlanders saw extensive service throughout the American Revolution.  Raised as a multi battalion regiment for service in America they fought under Sir William Howe's army in 1776 and 1777 as their own brigade.  Service in the south started with Colonel Archabald Cambell's expedition to George in 1779.  After that they fought in almost all the major actions.  By the time of Camden the two battalions were severely reduced in numbers and could barely together field a serviceable battalion.  While the first battalion was destroyed at The Cowpens the second served with the Cornwallis field force through to Yorktown.

These outstanding figures are from Kings Mountain Miniatures and are simply the best highlanders for this time period, period.  They really capture the feel of this hard fighting unit.  All are dressed in gaitered overalls rather then kilts. Although some modern reconstruction have them wearing trewes I have yet to find a period source to confirm it. So,  I painted them in tan overalls.  Flags are by The Flag Dude.

I field them as two 30 figure battalions, and they have there own brigade commander in highland dress.  Historically they can field with Cornwallis' field force or going back a bit with Colonel Archibald Campbell's army that invaded Georgia in 1779.

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