Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Left Division Order of Battle

When I put together my war game armies I usually pick a battle or campaign.  Once I have that I gather a historical order of battle and put together my armies based on.  I do not worry about actual historical  strengths of regiments and squadrons.  These fluctuated up and down from month to month.  On the table top I tend to use a standard organization of six stands of four figures each for my battalions, twelve figures for cavalry and three guns and six gunners for batteries.  In addition I like to add a regimental commander to my regiments.  In my Crimean armies I actually added the name of the colonel or major to his base.  To me,  this adds personality.  This table top organization looks very nice and I have the added bonus of evenly matched armies for most fictitious battles. It also avoids those types of annomaly of a militia battalion beating a elite Grenadier battalion solely because they have more figures.   If I am doing a historical recreation I will scale units up or down to match that day.

For my American War of 1812 army I will be using the historical organization at Lundy's Lane.  This gives a nice collection.  But since I cannot help tinkering with things I will eventually add a couple extra militia battalions in hunting shirts and top hats and perhaps an American Rifle regiment.  They look too good to leave out!  So, here is my organization I am working on

Major General Jacob Brown: Commander, Left Division, U.S. Army:

◦1st Brigade : Brigadier General Winfield Scott
9th Infantry  (Major Leavenworth)
11th Infantry (Major McNeil)
22nd Infantry  (Colonel Brady)
25th Infantry (Major Jessup)

◦2nd Brigade : Brigadier General Eleazer W. Ripley
1st Infantry  (Lt. Col. Nicholas)
21st Infantry ( Lt. Col. Miller)
23rd Infantry (Major McFarlane)

◦3rd Brigade : Brigadier General Peter B. Porter
5th Pennsylvania (Militia) Regt (Colonel Fenton)
New York Volunteers
Canadian Volunteers (Major Wilcox)

◦Artillery : Capt. Nathan Towson, U.S. Artillery Corps
Foot Artillery (Towson)  : (2-6pdr, 1-5.5inch howitzer)
Foot Artillery (Ritchie): (2-6pdr, 1-5.5inch howitzer)
Foot Artillery (Biddle) : (3-12pdr)

◦Cavalry : Capt. Samuel D. Harris
U.S. Light Dragoons
New York Volunteer Dragoons

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