Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2nd Regiment Lincoln militia

    The  various battalions of the Lincoln militia were active throughout the 1814 campaign.  The 2nd Regiment fought at both Chippewa and Lundy's Lane.  I wanted them for my collection, but had to research what they would look like for the table top.  As is usual for my miniature regiments I wanted them to be accurate but also look interesting.

    What I found was that the militia wore both uniforms and civilian clothes. While  they  wanted to present a uniform appearance, it was very rarley achieved.  Depending on the year or month they were given red coats with yellow facings, green coats with red or yellow facings, castoffs from the 41st Foot (red faced red), regulation gray
trousers,   "gunmouth" blue trousers. Head gear were left over stove pipe shakos, round hats or what ever the individual brought with them.  Equipment were regular accoutrements.  The troops who came the closest to military uniformity were the flank companies, who's uniforms included lace and possibly wings.

   When I started this project I was confused over the terms "embodied" and "sedentary" militia.  These troops who served for longer tours of duty were termed "embodied" militia while those who were called  away from their farms and businesses only during times of dire emergency were the "sedentary" militia.  They seldom had uniforms, and were instructed to report for battle turned out in a civilian coat made of a dark cloth, but avoid grey coats, which was the color frequently used by the Americans.
Miniatures are from the extensive Knuckleduster miniatures War of 1812 line.


  1. A mix of dress does lend interest to this battalion. Looking good!

  2. Thank you. Hoping my flags and bases arrive soon. Will be posting Royal Artillery and three British battalions soon. Hope to Finnish my Indians soon. A very nice and colorful force.

  3. They look superb, love the diversity of the uniforms...well done!

  4. Nice to see this regiment, mix of clothes looks good.

  5. Really nice, Mark! Love the mix of uniforms.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Always great to hear from you. How is your War of 1812 project doing?