Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

The Light Division will a game!

  Following on the heels of my last post of 2016, here is the first post of 2017.

As is the custom it's time for resolutions and plans.  What to do and how to do it.
Need to get these fine fellow on the table

First complete my projects. Always a good intention but so seldom carried through. But I will make a try.
The beatings will continue until your projects are done, comrades.

War of 1812:
Complete British forces.  Already a good start and enough figures on hand for some games.  Bases and flags are on order.  Last minute just got to have (cavalry and rockets) I can pick up at Cold Wars in March.
Time for Cousin Johnathan to meet Thomas Lobster.

Rev War
Need flags for my loyalists.  A few additional cavalry and some militia would be nice.

Need to get them onto the table top!
That young man, Nolan, I don't like him....

This is my big push for the year.  After years of trial and error I found I am looking for a old school minimalist terrain.  But with static grass ground cloths.

  Need to make hills to go with it, the old steeped type hills. But not painted but covered in static grass.   I have Plenty of fences, fields and woods.  But they are more game friendly rather then diorama. An example would be woods which are outlined and trees placed in them which can be moved about to make room for figures moving.  Clear, simple and game friendly.  I like my roads fromBattlefield Terrain Concepts.  But looking for good rivers.  These are big on my shopping list.  Not pleased with what I have so looking for suggestions.

So there you have it.  Better table tops and terrain.  Paint a bit but more playing games.


  1. If you're looking for rivers, I think you should consider Battlefield Concepts for those, too. Not cheap, but once you build up a collection, you're set. That's what I use.

  2. Will check them out at Cold Wars this year.

  3. Love the Crimean vignette...and Happy New Year!