Monday, February 13, 2017

Everybody talking about the cold....

  And now a break from the military miniatures and war games with this commercial interruption.....

  Gosh!  It dips down into the single digits and everyone is worried about the cold.  Schools closed. People worried if planes can fly if it's so cold.  It's the major topic on talk radio today.  Everyone who comes into work has to tell me how cold it is.

  And, we get a couple feet of snow dumped on us for good measure.

  Here is your humble blogger a few years back.  On that day it was thirty degrees below zero with the wind chill on the ramp at Logan.  So to all who are gripping about the cold allow me to quote the great philosopher, "you don't know Butkus about cold!"

       Why did I come back from Key West?

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  1. I guess the gloves are a giveaway (Patriots). Therefore, it must be you.