Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cold Wars 2017

  Not the weather, but the convention!  It is almost time.  To me this is my most favorite wargame convention of all time.  Just when the winter is at its most dreary and spring is not yet here  Cold Wars arrives to cheer me up.

    This is the third of the big three conventions put on by HMGS  (Historical Miniature Gaming Society).  To me it is ideal convention and my favorite.  Attendance is slightly lower them the other two, but just as many games and vendors are there. So it has more of a smaller convention feel then the others but with everything the big conventions offer.  People seem more
relaxed and more friendly then the other high pressure conventions.  Perhaps it is that after a long winter we look forward to renewing friendships and looking up comrades.

in addition to the usual array of outstanding games Cold Wars offers two unique events.  There are lectures by military historians.  This year author Peter Panzeri will speak about the little big horn battle;  and offer a presentation where the audience is the jury in Custer's courtmarshall (if he had survived).  There is also a Hobby University which offers classes in painting and modeling.  They are outstanding and extremely knowledgeable.

So Thursday morning my old comrade George picks me up and we  drive to Lancaster Pennsylvania.
 There we will meet up with Ed (of Mr Ed's War game Meanderings) and spend the next two days at the convention.  Sadly it will end too soon and back we drive Sunday with memories for the rest of the year.


  1. Have fun. I haven't been since the year I went down with you and George. Give us an after-action report on the condition of the Host when you return please.