Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fife and Drum forum

  I am a great fan of the Rev War figures from Fife and Drum.  They are beautifully sculpted figures and meticulously researched.  I especially like the fact they have some of the only British figures in campaign style round hats.  Prices are good and it is hard to find better service in this industry.  Thus I have lots of them in my army.  Great stuff!

  Recently I was delighted to find Fife and Drum started their own online forum.  Naturally they have lots about their figure lines.  Especially interesting is unstructured plans are and which figures you would like added to the lines.  But there is so much  more.  It's a pleasant place to stop in and converse with fellow minded 18th century wargamers.  Interesting discussion on favorite battle and general of the 18th century;  And some first class illustrations  of  French infantry of the Seven Years War.

  It is just started so who knows what is in store.  But for a start its a first class effort and a really fun place.  Hope to see you there.

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