Friday, September 22, 2017

Wings of Freedom Tour at Worcester

  A very different day at work at the old Worcester Massachusetts airport. This weekend is the Wings of Freedom tour by the Collins foundation World War 2 aircraft.  While the show is on Saturday and Sunday, on Friday they fly in the aircraft that will be on display.  Because of the large collection they seldom have all their aircraft at any event. Today they flew in only those aircraft which you can actually fly in.  The B-17 is $450 per person good a 30 minute flight.

  So, while getting my job done (it was a work day after all) I got to watch many of the aircraft actually fly in and land at the airport.  It was quite exciting for me!  One of our flights was almost late due to the captain and first officer touring the B-17.

The aircraft that is at Worcester this
weekend are:

TP-51C Mustang

B-24J  Liberator

B-17 G Flying Fortress

The event is Saturday and Sunday September 22-23 from 10:00 to 5:00.  For more information please visit the Collins Foundation website


  1. Nice pics of impressive planes!

  2. One of the bennies of working at a regional airport, it seems. Most cool!

  3. They were at Beverly last weekend . I couldn't go but I did see them from a distance for the place where I work.