Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Militia in hunting shirts and round hats

   One can always use another militia unit.  No matter the time period.  Especially if they have round (top) hats!

  These figures are from Brigade games miniatures.  I picked them up at Cold Wars.  I had heard very good things about the range and was eager to see if they fit in with my Knuckleduster miniatures.  They do!  Similar style and look correct together on the table top.

  These figures will be a generic militia unit.  The round hats and hunting shirts fit in for the  Niagara or Upper Canada,  the Chesapeake bay area and New Orleans.

  The black flag with the death's head belonged to a New York militia regiment.  The other flag was similar to one I saw in Lossing's field book diverge War of 1812.  I think two flags look way better in a infantry regiment.

  Very happy with these fine fellows.  I will be working on a Brigade games miniature regiment of American Regulars in mid war uniform soon.


  1. Lovely painting on these and unique sculpts. I need some!

  2. Holy cow ! they look great.
    Paint them yourself?

  3. A nice looking unit...
    I do like the flags.

    All the best. Aly

  4. Very nicely painted American militia. I really like your blog. It is good to see more War of 1812 gamers displaying their soldiers.
    I have two regiments of the same figures painted as Maryland militia for Bladensburg.

    1. Thank you very much for you most kind words.