Monday, August 15, 2016

Hugar's Virginian Continental Line 1781

  The Virginia line at Guilford courthouse was commanded by Brigadier Isaac Hugar and made up of the 4th and 5th Virginian regiments.  The 4th were first recorded as being in existence in September 1780 and served with Greene's army during the retreat to the Dan.  They were made up from the survivors of the Virginian line captured at Charleston.  By the time of  Guilford Courthouse they had marched into south Carolina, back to Virginia then back to North Carolina and fought at Guilford Courthouse.  During that time their light infantry company had been part of Morgan's Maryland-Delaware Light battalion.  They were a very veteran battalion of long service soldiers.  While the Marylanders get mentions in most texts the Virginans fought just as doggedly.

  The 5th Virginian Regiment was the opposite. They were formed in Virginia from recruits and drafts and in January 171 were marching south, with Lee's Legion to join Greene's army.  So they were  newly formed and filled with recruits.  Both regiments fought well with Greene at Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk hill, and Eutaw Spring.

  I have painted both regiments in regulation 1779 uniforms.  Returns of issued clothing and clothing on hand reinforce this.while popular to put them into hunting shirts I did not find that many hunting shirts issued.  For the Regimental colors I could not find and period evidence.  So I based them on existing color.  I used a plain regimental color with the regimental number in a scroll in the center.  I used a division color as a brigade color for both regiments.  Again no period evidence but based on existing examples.  These were made for me by The Flag Dude.  Miniatures are from the Perry miniatures Rev War line.  Very nice figures, but on the shelf look larger then my  Fife and Drum miniatures.  On the table top things blend better and the difference is less noticeable.


  1. Your 5th Virginian Regiment is superb, great details and excellent job!

  2. I have since found out that (more research) that the 4th Virginian Regiment was made up of survivors from Buford's defeat and Porterfield's light battalion.