Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Battle at Dyckman's Mill part 2

The battle rages on!

Continued from first part here:

Turns 7 & 8:

  As the British advance across the open ground they are under fire by the Continental line regiments and Hamilton's guns.   The 9th and 11th  Continentals are behind cover and the British line are out in the open. Taking serious casualties the British pass their morale tests and continue their advance.

  The Hessian Brigade advances up to the ford and prepares to cross. The Virginia and Pennsylvania rifles have contested the advance but casualties are mounting and their firepower is becoming less effective.   Both Hessian battalions form column for the crossing. 

  And the first wagon exists the table! 

Turn 9 & 10:

  Colonel Rall  calls  to his regiment to follow him and leads them across the stream.  The rifles cause numerous casualties but the Hessian cross and then form up into line.  A close range volley clears the pesky skirmishers out of the way.  What is left of them fail morale and break.

  The British 7th and 63rd advance against the American line.  Both regiments take casualties but a devastating round from Hamilton's guns breaks the 7th regiment who fall back.  General Beale rides up to rally them and the proud Fusilier get ready to return to the fight.  

Now the second wagon is off the table.

Turn 11 & 12:

Colonel Rall leads his Hessian towards the town.  General Beale has reformed his line and is now continuing his advance.  The Grenadier battalion is advancing slowly but steadily through the woods to flank the American position.


Afterwards the last wagon exits the table American General Becker looks to withdraw his Continentals.  They have held the British better then expected but with the Hessian threatening to take away his line of retreat its time to go.  Captain Hamilton fires a few last rounds to keep the British at bay as the Continental fall back off the table and up the road.   General Becker can be satisfied that nit on my the vital supply wagons have escaped but he has also seen his valuable Continental line regiment and artillery saved.  The great sacrifice of the Pennsylvania and Virginia rifle men  helped to make this happen.And they local militia although defeated and their colors lost can be counted in to return to assist later .

  The Crown forces follow and quickly occupied the town (to the great joy if the local tavern keeper who now sees hard currency paid for goods).  The casualties were relatively low which will please Sir William Howe. Colonel Rall is pleased at the courageous dedicated service of his professional soldiers.  Especially his regiment, but also the sacrifice if the jagers who fought twice their number.  The British Grenadiers upheld their reputation and a extra mug of beer per msn will be issued to congratulation to them. All in alk many things both sides could be proud of.

 Who won?  Both sides completed their victory conditions.  As with many battles of this war historically the British held the ground and the Americans retreated to fight another day.  I will leave the long term to future historians but to me it was a fun and glorious game that in plan on returning to again.

Next post, how the game wss set up and solo play assists....

Monday, May 23, 2022

Battle at Dyckman's Mill part 1


  The game starts with the British entering the table in the southeast corner.  American rifle armed troops are in the fields to their flank.   The main American army is in position on the other side of the stream.  The all important wagon train is slowly moving up the road to make their escape.  It moves at a speed of four inches per turn;  so its slow!  The Americans must buy time for the wagons to escape, and then withdraw off the table.  The British must capture the bridge and the town and the wagons if possible .

Turns 1 & 2:

   The British enter the table from around the road.  The light infantry are pushed toward the stream while the Jagers move to their  right towards the American Rifle men. The Grenadiers boldly push forward to cross the bridge. 

The American rifles fire and fall back.  At long range neither side is scoring any hits.

  The Hessian Brigade moves up to support the Jagers and to look for a crossing upstream. Grenadier Regiment Rall in front followed by Fusilier regiment Knyphausen.  In addition the Royal Artillery moves up to support the British advance.  The 7th and 63rd Regiments of foot are just entering the table.

The Americans take positions behind fences and walls. Still at very long range a few militia men fire at the close pack column of British.  The Continental line holds their fire waiting for the enemy to close into close range.

Meanwhile the wagons slowly move up the road.

Turn 3 & 4:

  The Grenadiers charge across the bridge and quickly form into line.  Although the Militia battalion gets a shot at them they pass morale and next turn close into close combat.  The light infantry moves to cover the Grenadier flank and exchanges musket fire with the 9th Continentals.  

  The next turn the Grenadiers charge the militia.  Its an uneven fight and the militia are defeated  and lose their colors.  They rout back and the Grenadier battalion takes the stone wall.  The lights continue to screen their flank and the 7th and 63rd move up to cross the stream. 

 The 9th Continental falls back and the 11th Continental and New York (Hamilton's) Artillery move up in support.

 The American rifles continue to exchange fire with the jagers as they fall back from cover to cover.  They two units leapfrog each other to give a continuous fire.  Remember that rifles have superior range but take longer to reload (they fire every other turn.

  The American rifles are running out of terrain to fall back on.  All the rifle armed units are suffering heavy casualties by this time.  One American unit crossed the stream and took up position to cover their brothers.  The Hessian battalions move forward.  The jagers fall back after suffering over 50% casualties.  

And still the wagons make their way up the road trying to escape!

Turns 5 & 6:

   With the jager company shot up and in retreat, the Grenadier Regiment Rall took up the pursuit of the retreating rifle units.  As the Pennsylvania rifle unit arrived at the ford the regiment Rall fired a tremendous volley which decimated the retreating rifles.

 Both the British, now across the stream and the Americans firmed up to prepare for the next attacks.

End of part 1


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Dyckman's Mill: An American Revolution battle problem.


  Setting up a small American Revolution battle problem.  Each side has very different victory conditions from each other.  I have set the battle in 1776 around the New York city area to give me the opportunity to play with my early war Continental line regiments for a change.  

The battlefield of Dyckman's Mill.  The top of the photo is north, the bottom south, left side is west and right side is east.  

   The Americans have a number of supply wagons (3) which need to get off the table.  They have a small force of two Continental line regiments, a local militia battalion and two large companies of Rifle armed light troops.  They must hold the British off long enough for the supply wagons to escape, and then get his forces off the table on the road to the Northern edge if the table.  The militia may exit on the road to the west if they wish.  

  The Americans Continental line and Militia may set up anywhere west of the river.  The rifle units may set up east of the river in ambush positions if they wish.  There is a ford way the river in the woods that only the Americans know about.  It is after all their country! 

American Command:

9th(Rhode Island) Continental Regiment (30 figures)

11th (Rhode Island) Continental Regiment. (30 figures)

New York Militia battalion (30 figures)

Pennsylvania Rifle battalion (12 figures)

Virginia Rifle battalion (12 figures)

Hamilton's NY Artillery (1 gun and crew)

  The British must capture the small village in the northwest corner of the table as well as the bridge over the river.   They enter on the road on the southeast side of the table.   Local guides have been less then helpful about the local topography and are unaware if the river can be crossed.  

British Command:

1st Grenadier battalion (30)

Light Infantry wing (16)

Jager  company (12)

7th Regiment (30)

63rd Regiment (30)

Grenadier Regiment Rall. (30)

Fusilier Regiment Knyphausen (30)

Royal Artillery (2 guns and crew)