Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hessian Infantry Regiments 1783


While searching the internet I found this site from Hesse Germany.  There were a number of illustrations of Hessian regiments who had served in America 1776 to 1783.  These appear to have been done post 1783.  But the uniform and flag details should be if great interest to miniature wargamers.The site is at:

Artillery Corps:

Regiment von Trumbach, after 1778 von Bose:

Garrison Regiment von Buenau

Prince Carl Regiment

Regiment von Ditfurth

Regiment von Donop after 1784 von Knyphausen

Prince-Successor (Erbprinz) Regiment, after 1783 Prince Freidrich Regiment

1st Garde Regiment

2nd Garde Regiment

3rd Garde Regiment

von Huyn Garrison Regiment, after 1780 von Benning, after1783 von Normann

von Knyphausen Regiment, after 1784 von Donop.

Landgraf Regiment, after 1783 The Prince's Own Infantry Regiment (Leib Infantry Regiment)

von Lossberg Regiment, after 1780 Alt von Lossberg.

Prince's Own Infantry Regiment (Leib-Infantry Regiment), after 1783 Prince Successor ( Erbprinz).

von Mirbach Regiment, after 1780 Jung von Lossberg.

Rall Regiment, after 1777 von Wollwarth, 1778 von Trumbach, after 1779 von Angelelly.


  1. What wonderful illustrations! Lately, I too have been reading up on the various German contingents that served in the AWI, but information about their standards is not always easy to come by. Any info. on those of the Anhalt-Zerbst and Waldeck regiments?

    Best Regards,


  2. Those are indeed lovely looking uniform plates Mark...
    I do like the Hessian standards...

    All the best. Aly

  3. This is a great resource Mark. I came across something very similar on Dutch uniforms of WSS. I copied and pasted it all onto a Word doc but at some point lost that...went back to the link (which I had saved in favourites) and it didn't work any more....

    1. I do not know how many similar items I have lost over the years. Nice thing about the blog is I can book mark it an save it. And it is around for others to share.

  4. Brilliant! I found a similar site a few years ago. It had the same illustrations but not the complete set as here. Being old fashioned I printed it off, which is just as well because it seemed to disappear soon after. This is not only very useful but timely as I currently have my Hinchliffe Von Bose on order. đź‘Ť

  5. A top find. Classic representations of uniforms present so much.
    Regards, James