Monday, July 15, 2019

More Jagers

Fife and Drum Miniatures have done a correct figure of a Hessian Jager during the American Revolution.  The differences from the European figure sold in the Seven Years War listings are minor but noticeable.  I now have both sets and intend to field them as two separate companies.

 For basing I will be using a wider then normal stand.  I am experimenting with two or three figures per stand.  It is a visual thing really. 

  If you have an opinion I would like to hear it.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Lord Cornwallis

Similar to the command stand for Greene here is the one for Lord Cornwallis.  Like Greene he can serve as division commander under Howe's main army. Or as independent army commander in the south.  With Howe, Cornwallis commands the elite of the army;  Grenadiers, Light Infantry and the Guard's brigade.

 With Cornwallis I have added a officer in a general's uniform. All figures are from Fife and Drum miniatures.  The figure of Cornwallis does resemble his portrait.  Like all figures from this manufacturer these are a joy to paint.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

General Nathaniel Greene

  Here is my command stand for General Nathaniel Greene.  It is a small size stand then a army command;  but larger then brigade commanders.  This fits in with Greene's role as division commander with the main army under Washington.  But as a army commander for the smaller independent army down south.

Again, all figures are from Fife and Drum miniatures.  Rather then a general officer in continental line uniform I placed a officer in a hunting shirt.  This could be a militia type officer down south advising Greene.  I thought I sent with the figure of Greene.  All in all I am very happy how it turned out.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Battle of Chippawa

July 5, 1814 the anniversary of the Battle of Chippawa.  Possibly one of the more interesting battles of the War of 1812.  From a tactical view point of view.   It is also a battle which has fascinated me and a battlefield I have visited multiple times.

From a wargamer point of view it is fun battle to refight on the table top.  The terrain is Interesting, and both armies evenly balanced. Very colorful uniforms and troop types.  I highly recommend it!

Here, for the anniversary are some pictures from past games I have hosted.  In addition big you are interested in visiting this well preserved battlefield here is my review of my tour last year.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

British Army Command Stand

  Sir William Howe, conversing with his staff and being distracted by Mrs Loring.  Can there be a better command stand for my British army?

I have always liked Sir William, he is my favorite British General from the American Revolution.  It is hard to tell why he captured my attention.  Possibly after reading Thomas Fleming's book "Now We are Enemies" about Bunker Hill.  His description of Howe standing all alone after the second attack with his battle plan wreaked and his staff all shot down around him has always stayed with me.

 His abilities as a tactician is often forgotten.  His Light Infantry discipline and school of instruction was a first of its kind.  He also built his army into a powerful fighting force.  That he often pulled his punches and allowed the American army to escape to fight another day is often pointed out.  Could this be because of his sympathetic feelings toward the American Colonists? One things I do know is after Bunker hill he was very careful of the lives of his men and seldom threw them away in pointless actions.

When one reads of his going away party, the "Mischianza" it is hard to imagine the officers of Wellingtons army throwing him a similar one.

Very little is known about Elizabeth Loring.  Not even a painting of her exists.  But her presence was noticed and her effect on Howe commented on.  As a contemporary wrote of them:

Sir William he,
Snug as a flea,
Lay all this time a snoring,
Not dreamed of harm
As he lay warm, 
In bed with Mrs. Loring.

Again, figures from the great and wonderful Fife and Drum miniatures.  The figure of Howe is new as is the Highland officer.  In my last order Jim very kind to sent me the Highlander figure as A bonus.  I am glad he did as it added to this colorful group.   A fantastic variety of figures in a beautiful range for the American Revolution War.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Continental Army Command Stand

  Here is the finished command stand for my American Revolution Army.  All figures are from Fife And Drum, and they are mounted on a oversized stand.  Washington's command flag is from GMB flags.

Washington sits center stage, flanked by a general officer and a ADC.  The command flag is carried by a trooper from the 3rd Continental Light Dragoons.  I picked this regiment both because of their close association with Washington and the beautiful uniform.

Monday, July 1, 2019

George Washington

  In time for July 4th!  I am finishing up the George Washington figure from Fife and Drum miniatures.  A most beautiful figure and a joy to paint.  The completed command stand tomorrow!