Monday, April 18, 2022

I am doing Ok


  Good morning everyone!  Checking in with my latest progress report.  Met with the neurosurgeon the other other day.  They say my skull fracture is healing and no sign of blood or bleeding which is great.  Now they want me to met with a brain specialist.  In the mean time I am scheduled to go into speach therapy and then physical therapy.  

  I am still getting head achs and dizzy spells and at times am light headed.  Walking is unevan as I start to lose my balance or get unsteady and need help.  Sleeping is difficult as I wake after a few hours and cannot get back to sleep.  But I guess this is progress and its slow.  

  What am I doing to get through the day?  Lots of Audible books of course.  These are great as you can sit back and just enjoy.  I am still limited in the time I can spend on a screen.  Reading with print is ok, but screen time (computers, Kindle and tv ) has to be limited as after an period of time I get really bad head aches.  This is letting me know I have to rest my brain.  I have tried to paint some miniatures but I am having a difficult time doing that as my hand and eye coordination if off.  So its more frustrating then helping.  

   I have been playing my map games from Command post Games/Pub Battles.  These take about an hour from set up to conclusions and really divert my attention.  I get to play a game and have fun while doing so. 

 Lastly, I have been thinking of some miniatures wargames ideas and rereading rule sets.  I hope to set up and play a small table top game with my figures soon.  That would be fun!  One scenario I have been thinking of is how to do the War of 1812 battle of Stones Creek.  This was a lopsided battle where a much smaller British force defeated a much larger American force.  I think I may have come up with a way.  We shall see.  

  Again thank you all for the kind words and comments sent here.  I appreciate them and they do cheer me up greatly during those black dog days.  Thank you!

Sunday, April 3, 2022

My medical update


  First off, thank you all very much for taking the time to write and and leaving messages. These have cheered me up greatly and I appreciate all of you taking the time to write. 

  I am continuing my journey getting back on my feet.  Although still resting and sleeping a lot I am starting to get up and walking about the house. A bit unsteady, and having to support myself but walking.  Little tasks tire me out.  And there is a round of doctors to see.  My appointment with the neurosurgeon is in mid April, and I will be seeing a concussion therapist soon.  Looks like physical therapy is in store too.   

  I discovered audio books!  Because I have to limit my screen and reading time I have turned to audio books.  I can down load them from the local library system and return when done.  Presently listening to "Valiant Ambition" by Nathaniel Philbrick.  I've finished "A Night To Remember" by Walter Lord; "Washington and Hamilton" by Stephen Knott and "The Man Who Captured Washington: Major General Robert Ross and the War of 1812" by John Mckavitt.  Enjoyed them all and would be interested if any of you have any recommendations.

Again thank you for the notes and one wishes. They really do mean a lot.