Saturday, August 6, 2016

Russian Army of the Crimean

  The Russians were the start of my Crimean collection and have a long and curious history.  The original group were an ebay purchase.  It was a  large collection, painted in the old Peter Gilder style of very glossy varnish.  Most different from my painting style! To pay for them I sold two small 15mm napoleonic armies.

 Once I had the Russians I was able to sell
about half of them, which paid for the entire army!  So a free army (well, sort of, kinda).

 I have very seldom bought painted figures over the years.  To me one of the joys of the hobby is painting and creating your own armies.   Because of this I have never had the attachment to these figures I do to those I have painted myself.  So over the years slowly I have been replacing those figures with my own. As this is long and some what tedious effort it has taken a long time. Often I have sold or traded painted for unpainted castings. By now half the infantry, one
battery and all the column (brigade) commanders have been replaced.  Eventually I will replace the cavalry and remaining infantry.  The remaining artillery is fine and I love the army command stand which I will keep.

My Russians are based around the historical 16th Division at the Battle of the Alma.  I have 16 infantry battalions (4 regiments), 2 Heavy and 2 Light batteries, an Cossack, Lancer and Hussar regiment.  Not a bad little army that I obtained for free (sort of).