Monday, September 5, 2016

Crimean battlefields today

In looking at the photos of battlefields taken in 1900 I was curious how they look today.  A quick scroll through the internet I found two sites that answered my questions.

The first was called "Another Crimea" by Francesco Zizola.  He scouted out the locations of many of the 1900 photos to duplicate the angle and view.

Another site, by Jan Smith focused on the Battle of Balaclava.  Here photos are helped by drawing troop movements on them.  I enjoy this as they provide a visual of the tactics used and movements over the landscape.

If you are interested in this and wish to investigate further I suggest the publications of Dr. David Jones of the Crimean War Research Society.  He has publish a number of publications through Lulu (self publishing house) which show the Crimean battlefields and important locations today.  His book on the Charge of the Heavy Brigade is outstanding.  You can find his publications, and many more by the Crimean War Research Society at this link;

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