Thursday, September 22, 2016

What's next?

Work and life have been cutting into hobby time.  Enjoyed greatly our trip to Ireland, but change in work schedule has thrown me for getting things done.  So to stay in the game I am posting a little humor (always important to have a laugh), and a preview of what I am working on for the next two month's postings.

 Finishing up my War of 1812 Americans.   A battery, and the New York Volunteers regiment are now painted.  Uncoordinated's new artillery are outstanding.  Still working out flags for my volunteers.  Have the information but his to make them.  Will be posting a review of each American brigade along with some historical research on Uniforms and each unit. The War of 1812 is interesting as there is so little information out there compared to better gamed historical periods.

 Mabey not the correct way to play toy soldiers but a brief description of my new ideal table top set up and terrain.  Mixing a old school look with a new era terrain.  Ground cloth, stepped hills and such.  Less model railroad type set up more old school  look.

For rules I have put together a illustrated review of "Charge of the Light Brigade" rules.  A short, simple game with pictures showing how the rules work.  Or at least how I play them.  Also a review of the American Rev War rules I use "Loose Files and American Scramble."

So please stay tuned.....

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