Wednesday, October 19, 2016

9th and 25th U.S. Infantry Regiments

  The 9th and 25th regiments were part of General Winfield Scott's 1st Brigade.  Both were long service regiments and saw action at Chippewa, Lundy's Lane and the siege of Fort Erie.  The 25th under Major Jessup were detached in a independent role at Lundy's Lane and  turned the
flank of the British/Canadian position.

  As part of Scott's brigade both regiments were issued the famous gray jackets rather then the blue regulation coat.  There are various legends why his brigade was sent gray roundabouts or jackets.  But once they arrived all blue uniform coats were gathered and given to the 21st regiment (thank you said the 21st!) while his brigade wore them with pride.  They were issued the newer shako.  I have painted both regiments with black belts.  This is a
personal preference as both black and white accoutrements were available and in inventory in equal numbers.  I think they look better with black accoutrements. Regimental colours are from Flags of War and beautifully done they are.  Nice bright color and superb details. Again Front Rank came through with their finals and tassels to make the colours look right.

Miniatures are from the wonderful Forrest Harris of Knuckleduster miniatures.  His superb sculpture of Winfield Scott leads the two regiments and captures the spirit of the man.


  1. Well done! Given the absence of contrast, I find that black belting is a real challenge, often leaving figures looking like they are somehow not finished to the eye (one expects to see the crossbelts standing out). These units look superb, though. Bravo!

  2. Big battalions are better! Nice job!

  3. Lovely work again, they really look good. I like the look of the black belts, great job!!!

  4. I like big battalions and I can not lie.......