Sunday, October 16, 2016

Colonel Otho Williams' Maryland Brigade c. 1781

Following the destruction of the two Maryland brigades at the battle of Camden General Gates set
about reorganizing the survivors.  The Marylanders were placed into a new 1st Maryland Regiment of two battalions (the 1st and 2nd Battalion). In addition a light infantry battalion was formed from three Maryland companies (as well as a Delaware and Virginian company).   Including about one hundred new recruits from the Maryland additional battalion,  there were about nine hundred men in these three battalions.

During the campaign that followed the Marylanders added to their splendid record started on Long Island in 1776.  The great fight between the 2nd Guards and 2st Maryland was the clash of titans and served as the dramatic moment of that battle.

While it has been traditional to describe the 1st Maryland battalion as veteran and the 2nd Maryland as green I have my doubts.  Both battalions were created from survivors of Camden, and enough of the survivors were around to form two line battalions and a light battalion.  The Maryland Additional Battalion was added to the 2nd so possibly it had a slightly higher percentage of recruits.  I suspect it was the defeat of the 2nd Maryland  and hard fight of the 1st at Guilford Courthouse which gave rise to this veteran vs green debate.  But consider that the 1st fell apart while maneuvering under fire at Hobkirk's hill a month later.  If anything I would consider the 2nd a hard luck unit.

My Maryland Brigade is made up of Perry miniatures.  Based on existing clothing returns I have painted them in regulation uniforms of blue faced red.  Too add some color to my army I painted the 2nd Maryland in Brown faced red coats as the Maryland Additional regiment were issued.  I have always felt two flags looked better on war game units then a single flag.  So all my American continental carry two flags.  The battalion colors are based on the Virginian colors captured by Tarleton and recently sold at auction.  They are a solid color with wreath in center with battalion number on it.  I then added a grand division color.  Again a solid color but with similar canton.  A neat contrast to the British regimental and Kings colors.

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  1. Great looking troops - I like your thoughts on the flags for the colonials.