Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fort Devens gaming event

   I attended the gaming event at The Fort Devens Museum on Saturday October 15.  This was a small event put on by local gamers  to introduce the public to historical miniatures.  There were a wide variety of games and the event was very well attended.  I enjoyed myself very much, met local gamers I never knew were out there and had  a wonderful time.

  This is the second year for the Fort Devens event.  It is put on by Peter Leavitt who did a wonderful job.  Peter was extremely friendly and took the time to show me around and I introduce me to several locals.  One individual I met was Adam Carriere of the website Fencing Frog.  Adam was putting on an American Civil War game.  There were also a neat China 1936 game and an outstanding Raid on Dearfield game.

 Because I had to leave early to attend Jim's memorial service I opted to play in a Wings of War game.

  The host, Peter Landry did a fantastic job of teaching the rules to both novices and veteran gamers.  An interesting twist was if you got shot down you could
return with a better plane!  You start with very early war planes and move up.  The game was great fun.  Peter also made neat little awards for each player.  A thoughtful neat touch!

  As you can tell I had a great time.  It was an intimate atmosphere resembling a club game night.  Having exhibits around you on the history of fort devens added to the event.  I look forward to attending again next year.  Highly recommended!

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  1. Glad you could attend and meet some of the local gaming community. Looking forward to having you host a game in the near future and following your blog.