Wednesday, November 2, 2016

British organization 1814

Proposed Organization of the British Right Division. Summer 1814
(Based on historical O.B.)

1st Brigade: (Colonel Scott)
8th (King’s) Regiment
100th Regiment
103rd Regiment
 Royal Artillery

2nd "Light" Brigade (Lieutenant Colonel Pearson)
Glengarry Light Infantry Regiment
Volunteer Battalion of Incorporated Militia
 Royal Artillery

3rd Brigade: (Lt. Col. Morrison)
1st (Royal Scots) Regiment
41st Regiment
89th Regiment
Royal Artillery

Unattached :
1st Militia Brigade (Lieutenant Colonel Perry)
1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th Lincon militia regiments

2nd Militia Brigade (Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton)
 1st / 2nd Norfolk Militia Regiments 2nd York Militia Regiments

19th Light Dragoons
Rocket battery
Native Warriors

My order of battle is based on the British/Canadians who fought at Chippewa and Lundy's Lane.  In addition I have added the 41st regiment which was available in the area but only its light company took part historically.  I blame private Shadrack Byfield's account of his service for this.  The first account I read of a soldier in this war and it's always stuck with me so I had to have the 41st.

  On the other hand the 2nd Light Brigade is historically accurate and one of my favorite due to books on the Incorporated Militia (great name!) and Pearson's biography.  So I had to have them. Since many British units were at the battles in bits and pieces I have brought all regiments up to a table top standard strength. Like the American regiments I use a standard number of stand, which I can reconfigure if fighting a historical battle.

 This command also gives a lot of colorful and fun units like Indians and rockets.  Both of which I will have to create new rules for to reflex their eccentricity on the table.  For the cavalry I will inflate their numbers like I have with the Americans to give gamers something to led in glorious charges;   Or not as is usually the case.

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