Sunday, January 8, 2017

Old school terrain Hills

  I have always liked these old school style hills.  They remind me of the maps on the old Avalon Hill games. To me they are wicked pissa (as we used to say in my mis spent youth).   They are not what is standard on most game tables.  But then I have never been part of the in crowd.  

 If any of the readers of this blog have made these or know gamers who have made these please contact me.  I would love to know how you made them, or suggestions on how to make them.  Did you use blue board?  Or MDF (which I know nothing about).  I am interested in making these would appreciate any suggestions or how to.

Thank you!


  1. I like the simple elegance of "cake layer" hills too. Advantages are that troops do not tumble back down a hill and LOS is easy to adjudicate. My gaming table sees multiple styles of terrain, however, depending upon my mood.

  2. "Back in the day" step hills were the norm in our group. They were an "advanced" feature that we evolved to, actually: much better than sloped hills because figures sit nicely on them and the space between the steps works just like a topographic map (as you point out). Go for it.

  3. The top photo is from my blog 'Tin soldering on' I got my mate who runs S&A Scenics to cut them from MDF I then painted them . S&A Scenics do things to order so if you contact him he will be able to give you a quote , Tony

    1. I will give them a text. Thank you for the advice. I was thinking of using blue board to make hills as I know very little about MDF or working with it.