Friday, March 24, 2017

Cold Wars: Till next year

  Well another Cold Wars is finished.  As is usual it was wonderful and a great time was had by all.  As mentioned before Cold Wars is my all time favorite convention.  Good friends, many vendors colorful and beautiful games.

  My favorite part of Cold Wars is meeting up with old friends.  I look forward to getting together with George and Ed.  Our conversation on gaming and history is exciting and gets me on track for that years projects and goals.  In addition it is an opportunity to met with old comrades and friends one does not see often.  I was delighted to run into Robert Mulligan (i.e. The Dread Pirate Roberts).  Always a delight to see him and a high point of my day.  Robert is most tired of hearing this but his talk years ago on "High and Low Life in the Eighteenth century" was one of the three best interpretation programs I have heard.  During my time with the National Park Service anytime I prepared a program, walk or presentation his was always in the back of my mind on how to do it right.  I also ran into Tom Vogely who I knew far too many years ago.  Tom was a member of the 43rd regiment back then, but is now with the 1st New Jersey.  Over the years (since high school?) We have run into each other.  Again it's one of my highlights to see Tom again.  And Tom if you read this drop me a line.  I owe you a buddy pass so you can fly up here and we can get together for a chat and a couple games.

 The dealers area was outstanding this year.  I stocked up on bases from the 4G people who sell bases by the bucket.  Prices range from small bucket which us expensive to really big bucket which is dirt cheep.  On Military Matters had the Charles S. Grant
 campaign books on his imagination nation games.  These are filled with great pictures, interesting text and suggestions for interrelated games which form a campaign.  Thanks to Sergeant Major Miniatures for stocking the Knuckleduster miniatures War of 1812 line.  Andy is wonderful.

I usually do not play in games conventions.  Since I do not know many commercial rules I worry I will slowdown a game.  I instead browse to get ideas for future games.  Peter Levitt put on a breathtaking Napoleonic game which looked outstanding.  Sad to say my camera was not working so no pictures.  There were also
two winter battles which looked great;  one Napoleonic the other Franco Prussian.  And although not a miniatures game I did play in Ed's card based game Nuclear War which in spite of its terrible implications was surprisingly light hearted and entertaining.  I cannot believe I am saying this but you have to try it.

There are a lot of comments on line about the location of Cold Wars.  While I do not wish to debate HMGS policy or convention location I will say this.  I like the Host, and have always had a great time there.  While the lighting could be better I think there is ample room for games.  Food service there is good.  I am not looking for five star
dinning.  But what they offer is good.  Prices are what you pay if you go to a football or baseball game or concert event.  The staff was hard working and pleasant. If you want there are hundreds of other places within walking distance.  I know we walked to them.  I did not stay in the Host but down the road so cannot comment on the rooms.  As to parking again we walked up the hill to the Host each day.  And to the two gentlemen who were in line behind me and complained the entire time about how things are not as good as they were in the past all I can say is lighten up!

So another Cold Wars is gone.  But here is looking forward to next year.

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