Saturday, April 22, 2017

1st American Rifle regiment

Rifle armed regiments were a tradition in the American Army during the time of the Revolution.  The actions at Saratoga, Kings Mountain and The Cowpens were legendary in the American mind.  So it was that in the tiny United States Army one of the first regiments created were the 1st Rifle Regiment.

The regiment was armed with the Harper's Ferry rifle.  Volunteers were selected for there marksmanship.  Although there was a regulation uniform the regiment appeared more often in the field a green hunting shirt with buff trim.  Trousers were white or green.  Head gear was a bell shaped shako with yellow cords.  Equipment was black leather and the standard haversack and wooden water bottle.


  1. Impressive and splendid riflemen!

  2. Mark, your photos are a bit dark and blurry for me to see the details but an interesting history on the 1st American Rifle Regiment.

  3. Took your advice and re did the pictures. I think these are much clearer.