Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rebased Artillery Stands

  The problems with any forums or blogs are you get inspired my other people's work.  In my case, always looking for how things "look" I can get carried away.  This is one case in point.

  On a site I was very taken by how one person based their artillery.  They were on round bases.  In all my war game experience I have always based my artillery on rectangular bases.  My friends have always based their on rectangular bases.  But here was something very different.  For some reason this really took my fancy.  And I was off!

  So at Cold wars I got new bases.  And, since
I just had to of course I had to get more gunners to do it right (and paint more gunners).  Four gunners look so much better then two gunners per stand.

Here are the new artillery.  Again I think they look neat.  They were thrown into the fight last night but that is a topic for my next post.


  1. Nice round bases, nice guns...and splendid fortifications!

  2. Your round-based guns look good. I prefer artillery on rectangular bases. Round bases I tend to use for all around fields of fire such as for skirmishers. For me, rectangular bases work well for defining rigid fields of fire.