Monday, May 1, 2017

American Rev War Armies

 Returning from vacation I stole a couple hours to inventory my miniatures armies.  I do this periodically to remind myself of what I have, what I need and what I have to finnish up. It is also good in fighting the butterfly in me which wants to start projects I will never Finnish.  There is also a certain satisfaction in seeing what one has accomplished.  So my next couple posts will be order of battles for my collections.

  let's start with my American Rev War armies.  These included both painted and unpainted regiments. Unpainted are in italics, but all regiments must have castings bought to be included.  The army is based on Greene's Southern Army in 1781.  Each brigade is based on a historical brigade or command.  I have combined many militia units into a larger regiment since then they fight better on the table top. There are a unusually large number of unpainted regiments as I am setting up a campaign and have finally gotten myself to finnish up this project.

Major General Nathaniel Greene's  Southern Army 1781

Continental Light Brigade: (Col. John Edgar Howard)
Maryland-Delaware Light Battalion (30)
Trippletts''s Virginian militia Regiment (30)

Virginia Continental Brigade (Brigadier-General Isaac Huger)
1st Virginia Regiment (Lieutenant-Colonel John Green) (30)
2nd Virginia Regiment (Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Hawes) (30)

Maryland Continental Brigade (Colonel Otho Williams).
1st Maryland Regiment (Colonel John Gunby) (30)
2nd Maryland Regiment (Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Ford) (30)

Washington's Dragoons (Col. W. Washington) (10)

Lee's Legion (brigade): (Col. Henry Lee)
Legion Dragoons (12)
Legion Infantry (12)

Singleton's Continental Artillery (2 guns and crew)

3rd South Carolina Brigade of Militia: (Colonel Andrew Pickens)
1st Spartan SC Militia Regt. (30)
2nd Spartan SC Militia Regt. (30)
McCall's State Dragoons (6)
Cunningham's Rifle Battalion (mounted) (12)

1st S.C. Brigade of Militia: (BG Thomas Sumter)
Left Wing/Sumter (mounted) 24)
Right Wing/Sumter (mounted) (24)
Hampton's South Carolina State Dragoons (6)
Campbell's Rifle Battalion (mounted) (12)

Salisbury District North Carolina Militia Brigade: (Brigadier General William Davidson)
Surrey County, North Carolina Militia Battalion (30)
Mecklenburg Militia Battalion (30)
 N.C. State Dragoons (6)
McDowell's North Carolina Riflemen (12) (mounted)


 My Crown forces contain not only British but Loyalist and Hessian as well.  Again they are based in historical brigades which served Cornwallis from Camden through Guilford Courthouse.

British Southern Army:  December 1780 to March 1781

Lieutenant General Lord Charles Cornwallis commanding

Webster’s Brigade: Colonel James Webster
7th Regiment of Foot (24)
23rd Regiment of Foot. (30)
33rd Regiment of Foot. (30)

 Brigade of Guards: General Charles O'Hara
Guards Light Infantry Company (12)
Guards Grenadier Company (12)
1st Guards Battalion (30)
2nd Guards Battalion (30)

Reserve Brigade: Major General Leslie
1st Bn/71st Highland Regiment (30)
2nd Bn/71st Highland Regiment (30)
von Bose Regiment (Trumbach)  (30)

British Light Infantry battalion (12)
 Jaeger company (9)
Royal Artillery ( 2 x 6-pdr & 3-per)

British Legion: Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarelton
British Legion Dragoons
1st Squadron/British Legion Dragoons: (8)
2nd Squadron/British Legion Dragoons: (8)
3rd Squadron/British Legion Dragoons: (8)
British Legion Infantry (24)
British Legion Artillery (3-pdr)
 17th Light Dragoon (6)

Camden Brigade:
 Lt. Colonel Lord Rawdon
Royal North Carolina Regiment (30)
Volunteers of Ireland Regiment (30)
New York Volunteers Regiment (24)
South Carolina Royalist (24)
Camden District Loyalist Militia (30)
Coffin's Dragoons (6)


  1. Wonderful 4th Virginian regiment, absolutly superb!

  2. Wow these are good! The colors really make the figures pop.

  3. Lovely collection and I PARTICULARLY like the Welch Fusiliers! :o)