Sunday, May 14, 2017

Club game night

  Last night was club game night.  Ed and George invited me, and I was excited to go again.  It had been a difficult night at work the night before (flight crews timed out and medical emergency so I did not leave work till after midnight) and it is always great fun to see and game with old friends.

  As is usual there were three outstanding beautiful games.  Mike put on a scaled down version of Trafalgar with Sails of glory.  A great fun, and very beautiful game. Have to look into it more.   Ralph staged a firefight of Cannane.  Beautiful terrain and incredibly well done troops.  A superb game as only Ralph can do. Both looked great and from the sounds of it all of the players had a great time.

  I was fortunate to play in Ed's game of The Battle of Dybboll (May 28, 1849).  The was during the First Schleswig-Holstein War 1848-49.  Troops (Denmark, Prussian and German Federation) are all pretty much equal.  The Prussians are not the army of the needlegun nor von Molkle.  In fact they are quite average.  It is a very colorful and evan fight, which historical Denmark won.  The rules used were Volley and Bayonet.  Ed put an incredible amount of work into this with amazing figure conversions and outstanding game devices to record losses and brigade status.  Just really first rate!

   For more on the game I would recommend you check out Ed's blog (Ed M's Wargame Meanderings) here

or AJ's blog for a write up of a game test here  Both will give a better understanding of the game then I can.

Prussian Hussars capture the battery

Over running the Infantry

Some of Ed's beautifully done troops.

Prussian brigade advancing

Fire fight while the Guards move towards the woods

From my point of view the game was great fun.  Bob's Dannish cavalry caused no end of damage and mischief, destroying George's artillery before they could come into action.  I returned the favor by reenacting "von Bedlow's Death Ride" against Bob's artillery and infantry.  Who said cavalry is useless!  I managed to out flank the Dannish line through the woods with my guards brigade while my line held his attention.  Alas, it was too little to late as the Dannish forces held on to win the game.

  A great night was had by all!  Beautiful painted figures, on excellent terrain and great camaraderie with friends.  It does not get any better then this!

Cheers 🍺


  1. Thanks for the game report, Mark, and for participating in my game. Since I had an issue with my pictures, I took the liberty of borrowing one of yours for my limited game report on my blog (credited and linked to your blog, of course).

    Ed M

  2. Mark, sounds like you deserved a night out with the guys after a tough work week.
    Photos are a little blurry but I can see that Ed's troops are handsome, indeed!