Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Crimean War Armies 1854

   My oldest and most favorite of my armies would be the Crimean war collection.  At present it includes British, French and Russian.  Someday I plan on adding Turks.

Russian Army in Crimea:
Army Hqs (Prince A. S.Menshikov)

16th Division (Lt. Gen. Kvetinski)
1st brigade:
Vladimirski Regt. (4 bns)
Susdal'ski Regt. (4 bns)
2nd Brigade :
Uglitski Regt. (4 bns)
Kazanski Regt. (4 bns)
16th Artillery Brigade (2 light btry, 2 heavy btry)
Cavalry Brigade:
Kievski Hussar Regt.
Ingermanlandski Hussar Regt.
Uhlan regiment

400 Infantry figures
  39 Cavalry figures
  24 Gunners and 12 Cannon
     5 Brigade commanders

French Army in Crimean
1st Brigade (Espinasse) Reinforced
1st Zouaves (2 battalions)
7th Ligne. (2 battalions)
20th de Ligne (2 battalions)
1st Chasseurs d'Afrique

150 Infantry figures
  13 Cavalry figures
     6 Gunners and 3 Cannon


British Order of Battle 1854
Lord Raglan

1st Division (Duke of Cambridge)
1st Brigade (Bentinck)
Grenadier Guards
Coldstream Guards
Scots Fusilier Guards I
2nd Brigade (Sir Colin Campbell)
42nd Black Watch Highlanders
79th Cameron Highlanders
93rd Sutherland Highlanders
Royal Artillery (2 Batteries)

Light Division (Brown)
1st Brigade (Codrington)
7th Royal Fusiliers
23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
33rd Duke of Wellington
2nd Brigade (Butler)
19th Yorkshire Regt.
77th  Middlesex Regt.
88th Connaught Rangers
Royal Artillery (1 battery)

Cavalry Division (The Earl of Lucan)*
Light Brigade (the Earl of Cardigan)
Heavy Brigade (Scarlett)
Royal Horse Artillery (1 battery)
*because of their small numbers I field both cavalry brigades as a single regiment.

300 Infantry figures
   26 Cavalry
   18 Gunners and 9 Cannon