Thursday, May 4, 2017

Niagara 1814 Campaign

  My Niagara 1814 project is finally nearing completion.  I have long wanted to do this, but have ways had a reason to put it off.  I started a couple times, once in 15mm  but again it never amounted to much so isold the figures off.  It was the Knuckleduster miniatures line of figures for 1812 which finally got me going.  An almost complete line with a great variety of figures and competitive priced.  I started in March 2016 after Cold Wars and a little over a year later I am playing games with the collection.  Is it completely?  No collection is and there are some holes and additional regiments I want to add.  But for now I am very happy with it.


 Left Division, U.S. Army:
Major General Jacob Brown: Commander

1st Brigade : Brigadier General Winfield Scott
9th Infantry  (Major Leavenworth) (24)
11th Infantry (Major McNeil)  (24)
22nd Infantry  (Colonel Brady)  (24)
25th Infantry (Major Jessup)  (24)

2nd Brigade : Brigadier General Eleazer W. Ripley
1st Infantry  (Lt. Col. Nicholas)  (24)
21st Infantry ( Lt. Col. Miller)  (24)
23rd Infantry (Major McFarlane)  (24)

3rd Brigade : Brigadier General Peter B. Porter
5th Pennsylvania (Militia) Regt (Colonel Fenton)  (24)
New York Volunteers. (24)
1st Rifle Regiment. (24)

Artillery : Capt. Nathan Towson, U.S. Artillery Corps
Foot Artillery (Towson)
Foot Artillery (Richie)
Foot Artillery (Biddle) :

Cavalry : Capt. Samuel D. Harris
U.S. Light Dragons (6)


 British Right Division 1814
Lieutenant General Gordon Drummond, commanding

1st Brigade: (Colonel Scott)
8th (King’s) Regiment
100th Regiment
 Royal Artillery

2nd "Light" Brigade (Lieutenant Colonel Pearson)
Glengarry Light Infantry Regiment
Volunteer Battalion of Incorporated Militia
2nd Lincoln Militia
Niagara Light Dragons
Native Warriors
 Royal Artillery

3rd Brigade: (Lt. Col. Morrison)
1st (Royal Scots) Regiment
Royal Artillery

At present I have on the painting table the 5th York militia regiment, the 41st and 89th regiments, Royal Marine rocket battery and the 19th Light Dragoons. For the Americans I would like to add a couple more volunteer regiments, and another regular regiment.  For cavalry, although it is wrong I would love to paint up some of the Kentucky mounted Riflemen.  Perhaps in the future I will do the Battle of the Thames!   So more to do!


  1. I raise my hat in my turn to salute superb troops!

    1. Thank you very much. That is high praise.

  2. Well done! I need to get back to work on my collection. It won't be quite as large.

  3. Fabulous collection, Mark! Well done!

    1. Thank you. Always a pleasure hearing from you.