Tuesday, June 20, 2017

17th Light Dragoons

I almost added the 17th light Dragoons  to my blog post about the British Legion.  That was because throughout the southern campaigns a troop of the 17th Light dragoons  was usually attached to the Legion cavalry.  But, I considered this just not right.

   Why? According to tradition, while campaigning the uniforms of the 17th became worn and patched.  Offered replacement green coats like the legion wore the the 17th to a man refused them and clung to their red coats which marked them as regulars.  So I gave them their own post, just to be right!  One item which marked this troop as campaigning down south is the white turban around their helmets.  In the south the usual red one was replaced by a white (sheepskin?) Turban.

  Figures are from Fife and Drum miniatures. And wonderful, easy to paint and dramatic figures they are.
Interestingly, the 17th are one of those regiments I have done for the table top in more then one time period.  I have their grandsons my Crimean army as the 17th Lancers.  I also have the 23rd RWF and 33rd in both Rev War and Crimean.  I am curious how often other gamers do this?

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