Saturday, June 3, 2017

Southern militia 1781

At the surrender of Charleston South Carolina the entire South Carolina Continental line were taken prisoners.  Local militia were soon adopted into a State line and many battalions saw extensive service for the next two years.  

  Although not uniformed they were reasonably well drilled and equipped. Most wore civilian clothing, or the traditional hunting shirt.  Equipment varied but interestingly both muskets and rifles saw service together (which must have been a quarter masters night mare).  

   On the battlefield they might not have the disciple of regulars but could still give a good accounting of themselves.  Many battalions were in the field for long periods of time so should be thought of a almost regulars, perhaps a level below them. They did have a habit of coming and going, but on the whole they were a valuable addition for Greene's army and a force multiplier. 

Rather then traditional hunting shirts I have my militia in civilian clothing.  Gives a nice look to them.   I have added flags but I have no period documentation for them. As with many things on the table top they are there because they look nice.  

  For an interesting read I would recommend; "True for the Cause of Liberty: The Second Spartan Regiment in the American Revolution." By Oscar and Catherine Gilbert. 

 Figures are all from Fife and Drum miniatures while flags are from Flags of War. 

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  1. Nice job, and most impressive line of fire on the first pic...Awesome!