Sunday, June 4, 2017

War game afternoon with Jim

In range!

Once a year, my friend Jim has us all over his house for a day of games, grilling food side, watching movies and more games.  It is a fun day and one I look forward to all year.  Many of the folks there I do not most of the years so that makes it doubly special.  It's a nice time to get together with friends and roll dice and play games.
I think we are safe here.....

   This year was a world war affair. Jim is a big buff on the War, with a fantastic book collection and he also does WW1 reenactments. So he is really into this period.   His collection of figures is outstanding with not only British, French and Germans but also Russians, Check legion and Germans in Africa.  He has numerous buildings, trenches, tanks and a armoured train. Jim's games are in 25mms and are big skirmishes.  So when one games with Jim you do not know what or where you will end up. I am not a big fan of skirmish games and especially modern games (anything after 1900) but Jim's games are fun and entertaining.   Unfortunately I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures until the end so I am only sharing little details.

I fired my mortar at the Germans and ......

There used to be a big group of Germans here.....

The first game consisted of a Russian attack on a Austrian stalled train.  Which just happened to have a Austrian grand duke aboard.  A squad of Germans made an appearance late in the game to help their allies.  The Austrians died almost to a man to save the Duke, who finally got the train moving in time to make his escape!  The second game  was a big battle between French and Germans in a devastated town.  No quarter was asked or given.  Not sure how it ended as there were few troops left on the board at the end!  Throughout the day movies were played in the background including Dawn Patrol, Twelve o'clock high and Gunga Din.  Great fun!

Thanks Jim!  It was a great time and I had a ball.  Look forward to next year.

"Tanks", Jim! 🍻


  1. Nice to have a wargame fest with good company on the yearly calendar.

  2. Nice looking terrain, figures and scenery Mark...

  3. These sorts of rare gatherings with special friends are what the hobby is truly about for all of us. Lovely (if blurry) looking table.

  4. Thank you Mark, as always it was great having you there!