Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Captain James McCall's mounted militia 1780

  Captain James McCall had been active an an officer in the South Carolina continental and militia forces.  From 1776 to the end of the war he held various command and was almost always in the field leading soldiers.  His service was typical of numerous militia leaders, with long years of service but little public credit.

   His most memorial achievement was leading two troops of mounted militia.  These were typical militia men who provided their own mounted and equipment.  At the Battle of the Cowpens in January 1781 his men served with Ltd. Col. William Washington and played a dramatic part in the victory against Tarleton.  He and his command continued to serve with the Continental cavalry of both Washington and Lee during the fighting in North Carolina.  They left Greene's army just before Guilford Courthouse and returned to South Carolina where they fought under Pickens and Sumter's command.

Miniatures are from the Perry Brothers American Revolution line.


  1. Nice historical background and fantastic figures, well done!

  2. Your productivity is impressive, doubly so given the quality of your painting. Very cool unit, too!

  3. Very nice - and these are tricky figures to paint, as I'm discovering!