Saturday, July 15, 2017

Club game night

  Last night was club game night and fun evening it was.  Attendance was great, with over 20 people in attendance.  The three games put on were  Fire and Fury American Civil War game in 15mm, a X Wing Star Wars game and War of 1812 in 25mm.

  The X Wing game put on by Mike  saw a large variety of space ships spread across an very nice space mat.  Ships big and small battled it out.  From across the room it looked like great fun.

  Phil put on a 15mm Civil War game based around the historical battle of the Anna River.  It looked good and again people were having fun.

  Finally I put on a battle based around Chippewa  on July 5, 1814.  This time it was a British victory and cadets at West Point will wear anything but grey coats in the future.  This is one of my favorite battles of the war, one I have long wanted to firefight.  So there will be a longer post, and more pictures in a separate posting.  But let me say it was a fun game which may become my go to War of 1812 game scenario.

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