Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sumter and Pickens

   I have also done a couple command figures for my militia brigades.  These represent Generals Sumter and Pickens. Both men were very different in command styles and personality.   But both did an incredible amount to keep the rebellion alive at its darkest time in South Carolina.

  Sumter, nicknamed "The Carolina Gamecock" was more dramatic and more impulsive.  He gave as good as he got on the battlefield but at times was very easy with his men's lives. Pickens on the other hand cooperated with the continental officers better and was very protective of his men's lives.  One friend said this taciturn individual was so silent  he spoke only after he thought over what he would say and then took the words out of his mouth, examined them and then spoke.

   They are very nicely done figures that painted up quickly.  The hunting shirt wearing officer represents Sumter while Pickens is in his continental line uniform.  Miniatures from Fife and Drum.