Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Oh bother....

   No posts since new years due to the real world intruding into my life.

   Winter storm Grayson has disrupted my month.  After a wonderful holiday it was back to normal which is anything but in the airline industry.  The days preceding the storm saw our flights filled to capacity with customers trying to escape the coming sno-ageddon.  Frantic calls of can I rebook my flight were non stop throughout the day.  Flights were cancelled for the storm itself and we did not have to come into the station.  This is a new experience for me as when I
worked ground operations in Boston we had to be there no matter.  Airport operstions, at least in a tiny airport are quite different I guess.  After the storm flights were again booked to capacity but  weather, crew changes and such along the way caused flights to be delayed coming into ORH.  Our shift extended into the evening past midnight at one point.  Things are just getting back to normal now.

   And of course shoveling the snow.  Luckily my son was home from school to help.  Between the two of us we got the job done in record time.  On the weekend enjoyed watching the wild card round of the NFL playoffs.  Some very good games, and one not so exciting game.

   All of which left little hobby time.  No painting yet.  Instead we played a few games of World War One airplanes with the Wings of War game.  This is a fun game just perfect for a snowy day.  Of course my son consistently shoots me down as I am too busy talking about the delightful model planes while he plays the game.  And excellent models they are too.  I have repainted a few planes for aces not yet covered by the extensive range.  After a little research i repainted a spad to represent the lt. David Endicott Putnam's plane.  A local  from the area who not many have heard of but a great favorite of mine.  Also redid a few nieuport 17's to represent members of the Lafayette  escadrille.  I will be posting a few pictures in the future.

   Lastly I have started to add some sorely needed houses to my terrain collection.  The high cost of resin buildings have made them unaffordable to me so I have opted to go with paper card models.  These look very nice and are inexpensive.  There is also a great variety out there to choose from.  Two years ago at Cold Wars I took a class at the hobby university on how to make paper buildings.  It has been very helpful.  Once I get a few more done I will be posting my efforts.  here's looking forward to more time!