Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Battle of Granny Creek 1780 Part 1

 Friday 13th.  Not the movie, but game night with the Northern Conspiracy.  And I will be putting on a American Rev War game.  So I have taken a leaving from the painting table to organize and set up my game.  I am very excited as I have not played with my new collection outside my house  so it will be the first time they venture out of the house.

  The game is a historical what if.  All Rev War gamers are familiar with the American disaster at Camden in 1780.  While fascinating it is of very limited tactical options.  Sort of a line them up move forward game.  So I am moving the battle a little up the road.  Historically the Battle was fought where it was as both armies bumped into each other at night and set up where they were.  I am moving the Battle a little off the actual battlefield to more interesting  terrain.  I am also giving Gates a chance to set up as he would rather then following the historical deployment.  From my reading Gates had planned on advancing on the British garrison at Camden and then digging in and waiting the British.  That is what I am having Gates do here.  Perhaps he will have a little better luck.

Armies are in 25mm.  Rules used are my all-time favorite Loose Files and American Scramble.  I have altered the order of Battle to combine smaller units into larger regiments.  But I have kept the ratio of forces.  The Americans have a larger army, but of poorer quality.  The British army is  smaller but more contains more higher quality regiments.

So let's see if quality is its own quantity.

Battle of Granny Creek

Crown Forces:
Lord Cornwallis commanding

Webster's Brigade: (1st class)
Light Infantry (12)
23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers (30)
33rd Regiment of Foot (30)

Rawdon's Brigade: (2nd class)
Volunteers of Ireland (30)
New York Volunteers (30)
British Legion Infantry (24)

Reserve: (2nd class)
71st Highlanders (30)
Royal Artillery (2 x medium guns)

Tarleton's Legion (2nd class)
1st Troop (8)
2nd Troop (8)
3rd Troop (8)
17th  LD (6)
3lbr  gun

American Forces
General Gates commanding

Maryland Brigade (2nd class)
1st Maryland (30)
2nd Maryland (30)

Virginian Brigade (2nd class)
1st Virginian (30)
2nd Virginian (30)

Militia Horse (12) (4th class)
Rifle company (12) (3rd class)
Continental Artillery (2 x medium guns)
(2nd class)

North Carolina Militia Brigade (4th class)
North Carolina Militia (30)
North Carolinia Militia (30)
North Carolina Militia (30)

South Carolina Militia Brigade (4th class)
South Carollina Militia (30)
South Carolina Militia (30)
South Carolina Militia (30)


  1. Awesome pictures, great details on these beautiful uniforms...

  2. Looking forward to this, thanks for the detail of Order of Battle. I have downloaded a PDF of the rules to help me follow.