Saturday, July 7, 2018

13th Continental Regiment 1776

  The 13th Continental Regiment ( Read's Regiment) was raised April 23, 1775, as a Massachusetts militia regiment at Cambridge, Massachusetts, under Joseph Read. The regiment would join the Continental Army in June 1775. The regiment saw action during the Siege of Boston, the New York Campaign and the Battle of Trenton. As part of General Glover's brigade it fought  the rear guard action at Pell's Point in October 18, 1776.  The regiment was disbanded on January 1, 1777, at Morristown, New Jersey.

  Little is known of the uniform warn by this Regiment in 1776.  As other Massachusetts regiments raised during this time had brown coats faced and lined red I have gone with that.  The regimental colors are based on similar colors done for other Massachusetts regiments during this time.  Figures are from RSM miniatures and the flag by The Flag Dude.


  1. I'm really liking the proportions of these RSM figures. They remind me of the old 20mm we used to paint. Nice and human-shaped. Unlike the Hulk-shaped 28mm firues from other manufacturers.

  2. A lovely looking unit... I do rather like the combination of red and brown... it has a nice richness.

    All the best. Aly

  3. Agree! Much nicer then the red and blue combination you see too often.