Friday, July 29, 2016

French Army Crimean War

French Army in Crimea

1st Division (Canrobert)

7th Ligne
20th de Ligne

1st Zouaves

Line Artillery Battery

1st Chasseurs d'Afrique


  1. Already commented on tmp but please post more photos as you can. Lack of time has prevented me from
    Doing this period but a wonderfull choice in 25/28 range. Look forward to seeing more photos of your Russians. You mentioned
    On tmp you have modified rules for Franco Prussia and Franco Austrian wars. You have miniatures covering those too? Again look forward
    To seeing more of this collection

  2. Andrew, thank you very much for your kind words. Working on getting some better pictures of my Russians and will post in next couple days. Problem with my Russians are I bought a very big collection back in 2003, and sold half to pay for it. They were all done in a very glossy style. Over the years I have been replacing them with my own painted figures which are matte. So picturesoften come out blurry.

    I had small armies of Austrian and Prussian but sold them to pay for my American Rev War army. So they are out in the mid west battling on someone else's table.

  3. Hi Sir I read your TMP post and came over to look and WoW that is some Super Nice Armies you have sir! You are blessed as a painter:) may I ask sir on the Rules you mixed and came up with is it Written down that it could be Emailed? I would love to have a Copy cause there are just not a lot of rules out there.I was thinking of useing my Rules for Franco Prussian war (They Died for Glory ) but lost my copy and having a bad time finding another copy of TDFG:( Anyhow I would pay for any cost:) Thank you for saying such Great things on the Crimean War! It really has a lot going for it and you can add Sea Battles as well as What ifs like Austrians coming in Etc... God Bless and Thank you for any help. Dave Seay in Va. USA