Friday, July 29, 2016

British Crimean War Army 1854

 As I have mentioned the Crimean war holds a fascination for me and has long been a favorite of mine to game.  Each of my armies are based on a historical organization at the time of the Battle of the Alma.  The figures are from Wargames Foundry 25mm Crimean War line with a few of the new North Star command figures mixed in.  Flags are from the Flag Dude, which he was kind enough to make for me based on research I provided.  Bases are from the sadly gone Renaissance Ink.  Rules used are "Charge of the Light Brigade" which many may think of as old school but provide an entertaining game while reflecting how I interpreted the Crimean War.  I intend to post a review of the rules in as later post.  But first a few pictures from my collections.

1st Division (Duke of Cambridge)
1st Brigade (Bentinck)
Grenadier Guards
Coldstream Guards
Scots Fusilier Guards

2nd Brigade (Sir Colin Campbell)
42nd Black Watch
79th Cameron
93rd Sutherland

Light division (Sir George Brown)
1st Brigade (Codrington)
7th Royal Fusiliers
23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers
33rd Regiment

2nd Brigade (Butler)
19th Regiment
77th Regiment
88th Regiment

2 Batteries Royal Artillery
1 Battery Royal Horse Artillery

Cavalry Division (Lucan)
Light Cavalry Brigade (Cardigan)
Heavy Cavalry Brigade (Scarlet)


  1. Wow another Super Nice Crimean war Army! I got in to loving the time from one of the old 120 Games called ALMA i love those old 120 Counter Games I think they were very well done. I have set up for my club a Nice what if the Russians had built more Defenses on the Hills there at ALMA and I give the British the time to Flank the Russians on their right. I do Crimean war in 15mm was glad I can use some units and cannon from my Franco Prussian war 15mm and some things from my 15mm Napoleonic's I have some of all the armies and been trying to do an Austrian ( what If) Army. It's been kind of hard finding Austrians from time I have some 1st Italian War of Independence minis. Would love to find more. I also got a few 15mm ships that work well they are 15mm old Glory ACW and some home made ones. You are very right about it being Fun:) There were not a lot of battles but you can make up all kinds of fun what ifs. Well take care and keep up the Super Nice post. Best Regards from Dave Seay in Va. USA

  2. My favorite quote from "1066 and all that" is that the British fought the Crimean War because they had never fought the Russians.
    Clearly, however, the Russians should sell themselves to fight in the USA in 1812, or perhaps in 1777?