Sunday, July 24, 2016


 Ever since I can remember I have loved toy soldiers. As a very young boy I was thrilled to discover an exciting diorama of the Battle of Lexington Green in my public library.  My parents would drop me off at the library and after getting a arm full of books I would stand in wonder in front of it.  As with most future wargamers my first toys were boxes of the airfix plastic soldiers.  Games at this time consisted of setting up the soldiers (mixing waterloo highlander with union and confederate soldiers) and knocking them down with marbles.  My introduction to miniature war games came with the discovery of the original Courier magazine.  Not the glossy publication but the small booklet hand stapled.  To me it opened a door to a wonderful lifelong hobby which has brought me many happy memories and a number of true friends.
Now, over fifty years later I  am still passionate about this great hobby.  While many periods and armies have come and gone I have determined to limit myself to a handful of armies.  My motto is now more playing and less painting!  I hope with this blog to share my table top armies and their adventures.


  1. Thank you! Your blog is a long time favorite and I look forward to your new posts. Also Scott took most of the pictures here on this site.

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere. Looking forward to reading this blog.

  3. Woodshedwargamer, many thanks! Funny enough when I was getting ready to do my war of 1812 army your website was one of the I inspirations I had. Loved the look of your 85th regiment. So glad to have met you so to speak here in the blogosphere. 🍺

  4. Bravo, Mark!

    I'll be a follower once I get my own Blog up and running (I expect that might be in September).

    Ed M