Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

  Two very nice surprises in the last couple weeks. The figure is from Knuckleduster miniatures and is painted with coat d'arms paints.

   As I have mentioned before I am a great fan of the Knuckleduster Miniatures War of 1812 miniatures.  They are very nice figures, and a pleasure to paint.  I know from reading his blog that Forrest Harris put a great deal of research and thought into each figure.  Best of all it is a complete line for 1812.  They finally got me motivated to do my long desired Niagara 1814 project.  Also, Forrest is a gem to deal with.  Outstanding customer service.

  On Friday, as I mentioned I ran into trouble with my paints.  Lots of dried out bottles, and a generally unhappiness with them.  So I decided to try the coat d'arms paint.  I placed a order to Mark Severin at Scale Creep Miniatures for the military colors set.  Imagine my surprise when on getting home from work on Monday here was the set of paints waiting for me!  That is great service and next time I need something I will check his site first.  Also tried the pants out this morning.  They are great and I am most pleased with them.


  1. Alot of paining effects going on with that figure (and others like it by extension, I assume). Really impressive.

  2. Great looking figure and great brush work. I use the cote D'arms and find them nice to use. The only colours I have an issue with black and panzer grey. The black can vary in consistency and the panzer grey seems way too dark.