Monday, January 23, 2017

100th Regiment of Foot


 If the 1st and 8th Regiments of Foot were long service regiments with traditions and honours, the next regiment is the opposite.  The 100th Regiment of Foot (Prince Regent's County of Dublin Regiment) was raised in Ireland in 1804 for service in the Napoleonic Wars.

    The 100th were sent to Nova Scotia in 1805.   Colonel Isaac Brock, then serving on the staff in North America, reported favourably on the regiment while they were serving as garrison for Quebec City,  "The men were principally raised in the north of Ireland, and are nearly all Protestants; they are robust, active, and good looking."

    During the War of 1812 the regiment served along the  Canadian frontier. The whole regiment took part in the Capture of Fort Niagara, and the raids on Buffalo and Black Rock New York in late December 1813.

    In July 1814, they saw action at the Battle of Chippawa where the regiment took heavy losses.  They were reduced to "one Captain & 3 subalterns doing duty, with 250 effective men". They then served at the Siege of Fort Erie in the closing months of the year. For their services in the defence of Canada, the 100th were awarded the battle honour "Niagara."

    Figures from Knuckleduster miniatures and flags from Flag of War.  The regiment had yellow facing and the officers silver lace.  I painted them in the Belgian shako since they were keeping up with the times.  I also liked the bright yellow facings which contrast nicely on the table top against the blue of their fellow regulars.


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    1. Thank you Phil. Always great to hear from you.

  2. A very nice version of the 100th. I notice that you paint the officers with white trousers. Is this your common method for emphasizing the officers of all your British regular units.

    I must salute your productivity! I wish I could equal your effort...and the quality remains high..amazing! Well done!

    P.S. I will continue to watch your Niagara progress with great interest.

    1. You have a sharp eye sir! I do it to make the office stand out as you say. My guess is that they would put on their best before battle.