Monday, January 9, 2017

Glengarry Light Infantry

   The Glengarry Light Infantry was a light unit raised in the Glengarry area of Canada.  Recruits were mainly Scottish emigrants who came from Novia Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward island.  Originally a Fencible Regiment it was granted regular status.  They served throughout the war and distinguished themselves in numerous actions.

  The uniform resembled that of the more famous 95th Rifle regiment.  Dark green coats and trousers, faced black with black equipment.   Officers wore sashes highland style over the shoulder rather then around the waist.  Instead of the baker rifle the men were armed with the standard British smoothbore musket.


  1. Very nicely done Mark, great poses and great paint job!

  2. Thank you Phil. That is great praise coming from you.

  3. Another great looking unit, and being Scottish close to my heart!!!