Thursday, January 26, 2017

Royal Artillery

   Just finished up my Royal Artillery bases.  Borrowed the British guns from my Crimean war stands.  I got the bases from litko and they are a little larger then what I used for my Americans but I like the look.  Should I add additional gunners to stands?  We will see......
   Once I finnish painting my two British mounted command figures I should have enough regiments to have a game.  As I go on vacation soon it will be after I get back from Key West (and after the superbowl) but before Cold War in March.


  1. Four gunners per stand would be very nice. Guns and crew look great!

  2. Really nice. Your productivity is impressive!

  3. Another great unit for what is an under wargamed war thus side of the pond , I may be wrong. I have always been tempted but there's always a distraction. Lovely collection there Mark.