Sunday, April 23, 2017

British Brigadiers

 Knuckleduster miniatures make a nice variety of mounted and dismounted command figures.  On the American side there are figures of Brown, Scott, Ripley, Porter and Johnson.  I have already posted pictures of these esteemed individuals (but not Johnson, yet)  with their brigades elsewhere on the blog.  There are also a very nicely done dismounted command group which would create a neat little vignette.

  On the British/Canadian side they make two versions of a mounted British Brigadier.  The first is wearing the old uniform with epaulette.   This looks to be a war worn individual who has seen it all and has a serious look about him. .  I plan on using him to portray Brigadier Joseph Morrison of the 89th Regiment who led a  brigade at Lundy s Lane where he was wounded.

  The second figure is wearing the more up to date uniform including aguellettes instead of epalettes.  He is waving his hat and looks like he could be encouraging his troops or directing a attack.   I plan on using him for acting brigadier Thomas Pearson of the 23rd RWF who commanded the 2nd or Light Brigade in 1814.  And if you have not yet read it do yourself a favorite and read Donald E. Graves excellent biography of this man, "Fix Bayonets."

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  1. Nice officers! Remind me of elite Napoleonic cavalry especially the horse with its head down.