Sunday, April 23, 2017

Niagara Light Dragoons

  More cavalry gallop from my painting table this month!  For a war not known for gallant cavalry actions I have painted my share, this month of horses and riders!   To oppose my American Light Dragoons here are  Captain William Merritt and the first  troop of the Niagara Light Dragoons.

   The regiment was raised in 1813 and saw much active service.  Captain William Merritt, who was born in upstate New York a son of a Queens Ranger loyalist. From 1813 he led his troop in defense of their homesteads  including at the action of Stoney Creek.  They were especially active in the skirmishes wars in 1813 against the renegade Colonel Wilcox and his Canadian volunteers.  Captain Merritt was captured at Lundy's  Lane in 1814, by "six skulking fellows" during the fighting in the darkness.  He was interned at Pittsfield Massachusetts for the rest of the war.

   Little is know of the uniform of this regiment.  Locally raised from militiamen in the Niagara area.  Most were long service militiamen.  the regiment was equipped from British cavalry  stores. These issued items included light dragons swords and carbines, blue jackets with red collars and cuffs and tarleton style helmets.


  1. Dynamic and beautiful they are Mark!

  2. Stout fellows. They'll see those yankees back where they came from.

  3. The mounting convention seems more like for command figures or skirmish-level/individual action, as opposed to your other units. Do your rules allow for their use in action in some way?