Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Regiment von Bose

From a 1789 uniform book

   In keeping with tradition, all Hessian Regiments were named after their commander.  The Regiment was commanded by von Trumbach until 1778 when Major General C. von Bose became the commander.   The regiment set sail for American on 23 March and arrived on 15 August 1776 at Sandy Hook, New Jersey as part of a large fleet of troop transports with other Hessian units.

   The Regiment participated in numerous actions in New York.  They transferred south in November 1778 and participated in the capture of Savannah, Georgia and the Battle of Stono Ferry, South Carolina and  the capture of Charleston, South Carolina in May of 1780. The Regiment was later assigned to Lord Cornwallis’s Field Army and participated in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in March of 1781.  The Regiment marched with  Cornwallis into Virginia and were part of the army who surrendered at Yorktown October 1781.

My Regiment von Bose is from RSM miniatures.  They fine old miniatures are still available from the Dayton painting Consortium.  Please check them out at http://www.dpcltdcom.org

Although listed as Seven Years War figures I think they fit in nicely with the Rev War as there is very little difference in uniforms worn.  By late in the War Hessian regiments would have been wearing gathered overalls.  I painted the regiment in the brown winter garters issued to British troops.  The regimental colors are from GMB designs.
Regimental color detail from above drawing.
Update:  the von Bose was not at the Battle of Stono Ferry.  My error in confusing it with another regiment.


  1. They are wonderful! The RSM Prussian musketeer figure is one of their very best in my view. Good choice!

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    1. You are correct sir! And I had forgotten how quickly they paint up and how good they look.

  2. They look great Mark. I'm a big fan of RSM.