Thursday, June 8, 2017

Upper Canadian militia

Not strictly correct for the 1814 Campaign.  The militia of Upper Canada were to be issued green coats faced red with bluish trousers in 1813.  By 1814 they mostly had red coats and grey trousers;  although many still had civilian clothing. So it would be very unusual to have a complete green coated battalion on the Niagara in 1814.

  But, being a war gamer I wanted yet another different unit on my table.  And they do look splendid! Although one friend has already started referring to them as the "Royal Christmas Regiment of Foot".  Some people!

Miniatures are from Knuckleduster and are part of their regimental deal.  You get 24 figures at a discount from their already reasonable prices.  I wish more manufacturers would do this, offering prepackaged regiments.  No colors for this group being militia.


  1. Splendid unit of militia Mark!

  2. Agreed, though while 24 fig regiment / battalions seem a standard, I am presently using 18 figure battalions, but I suppose that means for every 3 x 24 battalions I bought, I would get a free one :-)

  3. The sculpts remind me very much of Front Rank British Napoleonics in march pose. I had to do a double take to make sure.