Saturday, July 8, 2017

49th Regiment of Foot 1812

  At the time war broke out, the 49th Regiment of foot was one of the only regiments of regulars in Canada.  Having arrived in Canada in 1803 the regiment was stopped returning to Great Britian by the declaration of war.

  Divided up into smaller commands the 49th was stationed around the Niagara area.  The Grenadier and Light infantry companies were at Queenston Hieghts in October 1812 and played a prominent part in the battle.   The regiment's  commanding officer, Lietentant Colonel Isaac Brock (and commander of all British Forces in Canada) was killed at the head of the Grenadier and Light companies leading a charge against the Americans.

In November 11, 1813 at the Battle of Crysler's Farm the 49th and 89th regiments of foot fought and defeated a much larger American Army under General Boyd.  It was a text book example of better trained and disciplined troops against poor quality but more numerous troops.

  I have painted the regiment in its early war dress.  Officers are still wearing bicorns with white breeches and the men stove pipe shakos. I really like the NCO's, keeping men on their toes and dressing the line.  The gallant officer appears to be channeling General Brock inspiring his men.  It is a nice break from the usual and gives the unit a dashing appearance.

  Figures are from Knuckleduster miniatures.  They continue to provide great figures and great value.  The flags from Flags of War.  These are a great item also and I wish they got more press and were better known as they are wonderful.


  1. I continue to be impressed by your work on the knuckle duster British. How would they fit in with Front Rank or Brigade Games' British Napoleonics?

  2. I think the Brigade games figures are thinner. I have not painted any Front Rank so do not know. You might check out Chuck Smith's blog here

    He does a great job telling you who makes what and how they fit together.

  3. Hi Mark, a great set of photos and thanks for sahring them.
    BTW, just in case you were not aware; the 49th wore great coats at Crysler's farm. KD has British regulars in great coats. I too have the 49th in stove pipes and red tunics but a future project is to create the 49th in great coats.
    I always enjoy your reprts and am impressed with your puts me to shame.